ChroniServe Movement

is a response to the South African chronic illness situation. It is intervention seeking to assist the citizens in using food as part of their chronic illnesses maintenance and prevention. It aims to directly serve the citizens of the Republic by bringing at their reach the information, pragmatic strategies and cost-effective methods that will result in the maximal lifespan and lifestyle that gives one optimum life.

The word ChroniServe is made up of two key words: Chronic and Service. These words carry the true essence of our being i.e. service to those who are chronically sick. People of all class stratification levels must be empowered to use food as part of well-being. The high reliance on pharmaceutical medical interventions has proven to be dysfunctional if the diet is not correctly maintained. So the ChroniServe Movements is here to assist in such matters.


To provide advisory services and promote healthy eating lifestyle in order to improve health conditions of the citizens.


To interact with our customers/ clients in providing excellent and value service

The purpose

There are two conditions that the body is subject to. It can either be acidic or alkaline. Nevertheless, the former can lead to chronic diseases if it is not neutralized by the latter. Now, in order to keep the body alkaline, there are 9 things that are imperative. These are:
1. Chlorophyll
2. Enzymes
3. Carbohydrate
4. Proteins
5. Minerals
6. Vitamins
7. Essential amino acids
8. Water and
9. Air
If these 9 elements are present in the body, then diseases cannot thrive. The purpose of this is to provide the citizenry with organic supplements that contain all these 9 elements with the ultimate goal of keeping the body alkaline as the saying goes, “there is no disease that can thrive in an alkaline host.”



This is an informational presentation to the audiences about foods that your body appreciates. The presentation is accompanied by a display of the chef in the kitchenette giving tips and methods of using our everyday foods to make cuisines that will assist in sustenance of our health.

The presentations are streamlined to two:

Maintenance of Chronic Conditions.
Prevention of Chronic Conditions.


Clients who subscribe as the ChroniServe card holder will enjoy the following benefits:

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter with information on various Chronic Conditions


Customised telephonic consultation


Recipes for their specific condition.


Discounts on shopping ChroniServe recommended products.

Meet our small team

team img

Mr. Vusani Nkosi

Chairman and CEO

Vusani is a qualified food Technician, food Scientist and Alkaline Specialist. He has done nutrition oversight and food analysis and he kept the presidents and presidential houses healthier for more than 10 years. He has deep insights for the nutrition to avoid chronic conditions.
He has deep insight in the dietary plans for those who are chronically ill.

His experience rests in his ability to use Afrocentric cuisines and readily available foods in creating healthy and balanced diets that has effects in the management of chronic illnesses.

Vusani is the Founding Chairperson of the ChroniServe Movement and he is the brains behind the conception and knowledge of the trade space. He has supervisory and managerial skills as entrusted to lead the team in the Presidential Dwellings.

He is a visionary leader and a business sound person. He is resolute and boasts excellent interpersonal and intercultural communication skills. He has the capacity to network and extensive experience in the hospitality and food industry.

Within ChroniServe, Vusani will be responsible for casting a vision, leading a team of Directors and engaging with the board. He is accountable for all the growth of ChroniServe

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